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Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker is a database-centered software solution that enables publishers and author/self-publishers to create and manage electronic and print book projects. The application utilizes Microsoft Jet (MS Access) database technology to store the entire text of book projects and create HTML, ePUB and Print PDF files that may be uploaded to most eBook distributors and retailers (including Amazon and Barnes and Noble) as well as print-on-demand providers such as LuLu and Amazon's CreateSpace.
Manuscript Maker Project Info Tab
Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker may be installed on a single PC workstation or in a network environment with multiple users linked to a common "back-end" data file. Each data file (maximum 2 GB) is capable of storing 500 to 1,000 book projects or up to 70 million words. It is unlikely that an individual author's complete body of work could fill even a single data file. A publisher with many titles could create separate data files to store projects together by genre or author. Book projects may contain up to 99 chapters with no particular limit on the number of words in each chapter.

The Manuscript Maker application is functionally arranged in nine separate logical tabs that will guide you through your project development—from startup to completion—with Manuscript Maker doing the hard work. The Project Info Tab is the starting point for every new electronic or print book project. After entering title, author and publisher information, use the 'Import Project Source File' to browse to your project Word Document or text file to import the text of your book into the Manuscript Maker database.

html editor for epub and Kindle html projects

uthor and Publisher Manuscript Maker includes an easy-to-use HTML editor for Kindle eBook and ePUB projects. Simply click and drag your pc mouse over the text to select it; then click on one of the displayed tag buttons to apply. Insert images, page and line breaks exactly where you want them. This feature is included on the Chapters Tab as well as Front Matter and End Matter Tabs.
style sheet

The Settings Tab includes versatile ePUB and Kindlestyle sheets that may be used "as is" for users new to eBook publishing ormay be fully customized for advanced users.
Manuscript Maker Print Book Options TabUse the same source file to generate a print-on-demand PDF. Select from several optional book trim sizes from the Make Files Tab . . .

   • 4-1/4 x 6-7/8
   • 5-1/4 x 8
   • 5-1/2 x 8-1/2
   • 6 x 9
   • 7 x 10
   • 8-1/2 x 11 and 8-1/2 x 14 for specialized documents

 . . . or add your own custom trim size
 . . . and font selection and chapter content font sizes from size 9 to size 13
 . . . and several other formatting options to get just the look you want for your print project.

For Kindle and ePUB Projects, a single button click on the Make Files Tab will generate the output file, ready to preview and then upload to the eBook distributor of your own choosing.
Print Preview Access Report 6 x 9
rom the same Make Files Tab, Manuscript Maker will generate a print preview of your print book project in Microsoft Word with fully justified text, correct pagination and (optional) page headers with book title and author on alternate pages. It is from this preview that your final print-on-demand PDF is generated using a third-party PDF writer such as Adobe® Acrobat® (free trial available from Adobe®) or one of several free products such as the Bullzip PDF Printer and CutePDF™ Writer.
author and publisher help page

The Help Tab includes complete program documentation as well as three tutorials (one each for a Kindle eBook, an ePUB project and a Print Book PDF) that cover in step-by-step detail the procedure for generating your book file from beginning to end.
Download the FREE trial version of Author and Publisher Manuscript Maker. Within a short time, you will be able to generate a validated ePUB or Kindle eBook upload file PLUS a print-on-demand PDF of your book manuscript—both from the very same Word Document or text file of your manuscript.


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