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1. Why should I make a Kindle HTML file of my book when Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform will accept an epub file that I can also submit to other eBook distributors?
Amazon still accounts for the majority of all eBook sales world-wide. If you are new to eBook publishing, using Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker to develop a Kindle eBook is an effective way to  make your book available to the largest possible potential audience in a short amount of time.

2. I am starting a new book-length ePUB project at work that I would like to take home and work on with my home pc from time-to-time. What is the best way to take the project home and make sure my home and work version stay in sync?

You could email the "back-end" database file (mmBooks.mdb in the $ProgramData folder) that includes your project back and forth between work and home. You should know, however, that most email service providers will not deliver messages with MS Access database file attachments, even if the attachment is zipped. These files are treated in the same manner as an executable file for security purposes. A workaround is to change the extension on the database file from ".mdb" to ".xyz" before attaching.

An alternative is to copy the back-end data base that includes your project (mmBooks.mdb) to a USB Flash drive. You can link to it from your Manuscript Maker installation at both your work and home location by editing the contents of the LinkPath.txt file on both workstations so that it contains the path for the "conection" to the Flash drive.


3. I understand that Manuscript Maker is not well-suited for creating print PDFs for heavily illustrated projects. I have completed a text-only family history print manuscript that would be improved enormously if I could add two or three original photographs taken by a family patriarch. How can this be done?

After opening your print project document in MS Word, use the "Insert Image" function in Word to add your photo images. You should first make sure that other aspects of your displayed book document are satisfactory before adding your images as selecting the "Make Print Book Document File" again will overwrite the document to which you have added images or any other Word editing.

4. After importing the text file of my book, Manuscript Maker displayed a message stating that two chapters had "character encoding" problems. What does this mean and how do I correct it?

When you saved your original manuscript document as a text file, there were some text characters that could not be properly displayed in the text file and were replaced with the question mark ( ? ) character. Manuscript Maker detects instances where there are two or more consecutive question mark characters ( ?? ). There may be others. Open your text file using Notepad and select "Find" from the "Edit" Menu to search for the problem words and correct them in the Chapters Tab by copying and pasting from your original manuscript document.


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