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dbOptic Software Pricing & Ordering Information

Try our optical design software before you buy it. Download the FREE Evaluation Version and have it running in a few minutes. If the dbOptic software meets with your approval, order the Activation Key (below) that will transform your installed application into the full-feature licensed version of dbOptic.

When placing your order below you will need to enter the dbOptic Installation ID number from your evaluation version installation. The Installation ID is a 10-digit number followed by "-20" that appears on the program startup screen (or select 'About dbOptic' from the Help Menu). Make a note of this number and enter it below before clicking the "Add to Cart" button. The Activation Key will be forwarded to you by email.
PayPal or Credit Card Payments
First Activation Key for dbOptic ver 3.4 for PCs $25
dbOptic Installation ID:
Additional Activation Keys for dbOptic

Run dbOptic on a new or additional computer for yourself or a colleague, or run dbOptic in a network environment with multiple workstations linked to a common server database.

Order as many additional Activation Keys as you wish, but you must order (or have previously ordered) the First Activation Key, above, to order additional keys at this reduced pricing.
Another dbOptic Install ID:
Optional Lens Library "A" of 2,500 manufacturer's stock lenses, mirrors & systems

We will forward to you a library file that you can import or link to your installed full-feature licensed version of dbOptic.
All of the above items will be forwarded to your email address that you provide at checkout.